B2C Email Marketing | How to boost the ROI

If you’re a marketer, you will probably soon be evaluating your Black Friday campaigns. This article is meant for marketers that are always looking to improve their ROI and do better next year.

Black Friday Marketing: it’s not all about sales

In preparation for the biggest shopping day of the year, it’s important to think about how you can take advantage of this opportunity to grow your business. Consumers spent almost $8.9 billion online during Black Friday in 2021 (Adobe). Marketers often get a decent ROI on their Black Friday marketing campaigns, but what if it could be better? What if the campaigns you run on this special event result in loyal customers, instead of one-time purchases? By putting more focus on customer retention in your Black Friday marketing campaigns you can increase brand loyalty. Black Friday doesn’t have to be just about sales, but also about creating lasting relationships with new and existing customers.

How to improve the ROI of your 2023 campaign

By having a mobile-first blockchain loyalty program, like Crowny. It’s the perfect follow-up to your marketing campaign. Implementing this in your email marketing strategy massively increases the odds of future repeat purchases from your Black Friday customers. Achieving a good ROI with B2C email marketing is getting increasingly difficult. Every click counts, especially on Black Friday. Evaluate your campaigns, and allow Crowny to help improve the ROI for your next campaigns.

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