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2 min readSep 28, 2022
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Loyalty rewards of traditional loyalty programs have issues, both for businesses and consumers. We know the issues, and how to tackle them.

Traditional loyalty rewards and their main issues

The main goal of a loyalty program is to offer a mutually beneficial solution for businesses and their most loyal customers. Repeat purchases are the ultimate goal. There are several loyalty program benefits, like a positive brand experience and brand image. With traditional loyalty programs, however, consumers are experiencing frictions. Over time, businesses have encountered similar issues and more.

Key benefits of blockchain-based loyalty rewards

Performance-driven blockchain technology can solve problems everywhere. Marketing and loyalty initiatives are good examples. An essential aspect of blockchain-based loyalty programs is the ability to maintain a universal system across programs. The technology does a way better job than the current points systems. Redemption processes are clear, logical and streamlined.

The ultimate rewards program

Learn more about the specifics of traditional loyalty rewards and their main issues, and the key benefits of blockchain-based loyalty rewards. But more importantly: find out how Crowny offers a unique combination of loyalty programs, with content distribution and incentive-driven community engagement united, resulting in the ultimate rewards program.

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