Crowny App, Breakpoint Lisbon and the Solana Migration

Solana Ignition Hackathon

We want to start off with how grateful we are for the support we received from our community during the voting rounds of the Solana Ignition Hackathon. If you haven’t seen our contribution to the hackathon you can read more here or watch the video we created here.

In the documentation, you can read how the hackathon granted us the opportunity to explain our inspiration on WHY we are building Crowny, what it does and how other brands can directly benefit from it. A very important step is to continue sharing our vision within the whole Solana Ecosystem. One of the requirements is having a working Crowny App.

In this update we will be giving information about the progress of the Crowny App, how it will be used during the Breakpoint Lisbon event (with the first-ever public loyalty program from Crowny!) and what the status is regarding the Solana migration.

Make sure to head over to the full article on the Crowny website!

About Crowny

Crowny connects and rewards users for engaging with their favourite brands, ensuring brands reach the right target audience while protecting users’ privacy.

Users receive relevant content and offers based on their preferences, allowing them to earn $CRWNY and loyalty points.

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Receive rewards for engaging with offers you like, from brands you love!

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Receive rewards for engaging with offers you like, from brands you love!

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