Crowny Discord AMA Recap

After having done successful AMA’s with the likes of AscendEX and Solana News, it was about time that we hosted our own AMA. In advance of the AMA, we asked our dear community to send us some questions. The top 10 questions have received $20 worth of $CRWNY, well done to the community members who earned themselves this reward!

The CEO of Crowny, Quincy Dagelet, provided our community with elaborate answers. The main focus for this AMA had been on the 2022 roadmap.

Crowny Roadmap 2022

Some of the most important topics that we discussed are:

  • Establishing B2B positioning and presence in Q1
  • Portal & App final testing and launch in Q2
  • Wallet launch
  • Sustainability
  • Strategy and target audience

Make sure to head over to the full article on our website!

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Crowny 🔗 Launching Soon!

Crowny 🔗 Launching Soon!

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