Crowny Monthly Recap

Where Are We Today?

December is already here and the countdown for the end of the year has begun. Let’s take a look back at November and why it’s marked to be one of the most important months in the history of Crowny.

The first major update is that our own Crowny Loyalty Program went live! Now our users can earn Brand Loyalty Points (BLP) by interacting with the content we share through our Loyalty Program. When our Solana Migration has started and $CRWNY will be available on Solana, users are also able to earn $CRWNY next to the BLP they were already earning!

This leads us to the next breaking news supported by the #wenmigration movement in our community, Crowny’s Solana Migration. The date has been set and our migration partners have been revealed. The whole migration process will last 2 months, starting from the 8th of December. During this period, our users will be able to convert their ERC20 $CRWNY to SPL $CRWNY. More about the migration process here.

Curious what Crowny accomplished this month, and in what way we will be continuing our growth? We’ll give you one hint, there are partnerships and important dates involved!

Make sure to head over to the full article and tune in for future monthly recaps on the Crowny website!

About Crowny

Crowny connects and rewards users for engaging with their favourite brands, ensuring brands reach the right target audience while protecting users’ privacy. Users receive relevant content and offers based on their preferences, allowing them to earn $CRWNY and loyalty points.

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Receive rewards for engaging with offers you like, from brands you love!




Receive rewards for engaging with offers you like, from brands you love!

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Receive rewards for engaging with offers you like, from brands you love!

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