Crowny Partners With Boring Protocol

Crowny continues to grow the partnerships network within the Solana ecosystem and today we are proudly announcing a partnership with Boring Protocol.

What is Boring Protocol?

Boring is a protocol for participants in virtual private networks to conduct transactions between node providers and bandwidth users, simply put a DVPN. The protocol allows for node providers to connect their endpoints via Solana Program Library and attach metadata that identifies the attributes of their node such as geolocation etc. the protocol inversely allows bandwidth users to identify and connect to these provided nodes, ultimately transacting with the provider via the protocol.

Make sure to head over to the full article to find out how Crowny will be collaborating with Boring Protocol, and what the next steps will be.

About Crowny

With Crowny’s privacy-focused platform, brands and their communities create value with each other and for each other. App users earn daily rewards in the form of $CRWNY and brand loyalty points for interacting with their favorite brands in this mutually beneficial relationship.

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Earn rewards for interacting with brands you love!

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Crowny 🔗 Launching Soon!

Crowny 🔗 Launching Soon!

Earn rewards for interacting with brands you love!

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