Crowny Partners With Coin98 Wallet

Coin98 Wallet will be using Crowny’s Loyalty Program and Advertising Portal.

We are excited to announce that we are partnering up with Coin98 Wallet. Coin98 Wallet is the leading non-custodial, multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet and DeFi gateway with 22+ supported blockchains, 9+ AMMs, Cross-Chain Bridge and numerous DApps.

How Are We Collaborating?

Through this partnership, Coin98 Wallet will bring more users to the Crowny app and will discuss further on incentivizing their users by earning their Coin98 Loyalty Points and CRWNY-tokens through the Crowny app for completing tasks. Coin98 Wallet will also use the Crowny app to reach more new users via the Advertising Portal. On top of that Coin98 Wallet can further extend their online presence and share their knowledge on a new platform.

What Happens Next?

Crowny will do an AMA within the Coin98 Telegram channel to explain more details on this so both communities have time to understand the added value it will bring!

Our first step is already completed. We are listed on Coin98 Wallet! Users can now store, send & receive, as well as swap CRWNY using UniSwap natively on Coin98 Wallet. Download for IOS or Android here.

Make sure to get your $CRWNY!

Next steps are where Coin98 Wallet will discuss further on using the Crowny Loyalty Program and Advertising Portal. In the near future, Coin98 Wallet and Crowny will work together on allowing holders to stake both CRWNY and the LP tokens through providing liquidity.

Also, we have something exciting in the form of Beta invite codes exclusively to celebrate the partnership between Coin98 Wallet X Crowny!

Stay tuned for the Crowny X Coin98 Wallet Beta Invite Codes.

About Crowny

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Users receive relevant content and offers based on their preferences, allowing them to earn $CRWNY and loyalty points.

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