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Web3 loyalty programs — empowering communities with Crowny

In this article, we will explore the importance, benefits and relevance of Web3 loyalty programs. Find out more, and get the info you need to start with Web3.

Web2 vs Web3 — What’s the Difference?

Web2 is the internet that most people use today, where we mostly consume content created by others and interact with each other through centralized platforms. Web3 is the next version of the internet that aims to give more control and ownership to communities, allowing them to create and own their content and data.

VC investments in Web3 exceeded $18 billion in the first half of 2022 — McKinsey

Web2 vs Web3 Benefits for Loyalty Programs

Web3 loyalty programs are designed to offer incentives for engaged customers to keep returning to a particular brand or company, while also providing a platform for building a loyal online community. Web3 loyalty programs offer several benefits over web2 loyalty programs, including:

  • Increased Transparency
  • Improved Security
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Interoperability

Overall, web3 loyalty programs have the potential to offer more excellent value to customers and businesses alike.

Just like rewards programs in web0, web1, and web2, the technology will be in the background working its magic. It will become a part of our everyday lives, unnoticeable and non-disruptive if integrated seamlessly — Moonpay

So why not take advantage of this exciting new trend?

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