How Crowny revolutionizes incentives for engaged customers

incentives for engaged customers with Crowny

‘’For consumers to feel truly appreciated, engagement with brands should always be rewarded’’

Why customer incentives are crucial today

Customer loyalty is no longer a given for businesses. It’s now an ongoing battle. Every business should constantly look for new ways to incentivize their customers so they keep returning for repeat purchases, and stay ahead of competitors. Regardless of the product or service you provide, there are multiple incentives you can use to boost customer engagement and retention.

55% of US and UK consumers say they trust brands less than they did in the past (Hubspot)

Find out:
✅ Why incentives are crucial today
✅ 6 significant benefits of incentives
✅ 6 most popular examples of incentives
✅ Interaction-driven loyalty rewards with ‘interact-to-earn’
✅ Blockchain-based loyalty rewards in the Crowny Platform

Blockchain technology, combined with cutting-edge features and a unique interaction model, has significant potential in revolutionizing incentives for engaged customers.

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