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Crowny 👑
1 min readApr 3, 2021

By Quincy Dagelet.

Go to Crowny’s website.
Go to Crowny’s website.

Crowny offers a loyalty and marketing solution that consists of a brand new portal and app. The platform allows users to interact and engage with their favorite brands in new ways while rewarding loyal customers and ensuring that brands reach a larger target audience. Based on their chosen preferences, users receive relevant content and offers while earning Crowny tokens ($CRWNY) and brand loyalty points by engaging with these brands.

Loyalty System Built On Solana

The system is built on Solana and offers registered companies their own token program.

Flow of the Crowny platform.

With Crowny’s privacy-focused platform, brands and their communities create value with each other and for each other. App users earn daily rewards for interacting with their favorite brands in this mutually beneficial relationship.

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Crowny 👑

App-Powered Web3 Loyalty & Rewards Platform 👑 | Built on @solana, for @shopify | $CRWNY