Tokenized Economies for Businesses

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2 min readSep 15, 2022


Our Solana app ensures that all businesses get to leverage the benefits of this performance-driven blockchain, using tokenized economies.

tokenized economies

The concept of a token economy is nothing new. Examples of where token economies can be used are big festivals, gym memberships, concerts, bars/restaurants, and regular discounts. A traditional token economy uses earned tokens that need to be stored physically. The participant can lose earned tokens, and the issuer of the tokens wonโ€™t have the possibility to track and therefore protect the participant from inconvenient events like these. Physical tokens come with more disadvantages.

  • They are sensitive to fraudulent behaviour
  • Are inefficient in usage
  • Cost money to produce

Digitized token economies

There is a way to eliminate these disadvantages and come with several benefits of their own: digitized token economies. With the Crowny Platform, weโ€™ll be able to leverage these benefits combined with the possibility for brands to build lasting loyalty with their community. Imagine that youโ€™d be able to use your Crowny Account for both your Loyalty Programs and as an entry to an event/place you are attending.

For example, hereโ€™s how our platform and its features can be used to ensure a better experience going to a festival, and also a more rewarding one.

  • Use the branded loyalty card as an entry ticket
  • Use blockchain-based loyalty points instead of plastic tokens
  • Use the loyalty store in the Crowny App for your products to let users spend their points, like tokens in exchange for festival beverages
  • Push incentive-driven content, like messaging regarding the activities schedule with an open and read incentive attached.

Tokenized economies with Crowny

Festival organizers are now able to enhance the experience with a digitized token economy. And this is just a simple example among many use cases our platform has to offer.

Find out how Crowny:

  • Can enable you to tokenize your event
  • Is able to use the platform in countless ways, like for educational purposes
  • Will combine the benefits of blockchain, web3 and traditional loyalty in one single platform for loyalty & marketing

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