Traditional Loyalty Programs vs. Crypto Loyalty Programs

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2 min readMay 19, 2021

Why Crowny is different.

When creating Crowny, we asked ourselves, โ€œWhat makes this idea different from traditional loyalty programs that are already in existence?โ€

Loyalty programs, sponsored by retailers and other businesses, offer rewards, discounts, and other special incentives as a way to attract and retain customers. They are designed to encourage repeat business, offering people a reward for store/brand loyalty.

The answer: Current loyalty programs are closed systems that donโ€™t allow your points to be spent outside of the established business. This is good for the business and also very limited at the same time, but not so great for the customer. What if I donโ€™t want another Starbucks coffee?

This is just an easy example of merely one of the problems with traditional loyalty systems. Curious to find out what solutions Crowny has to offer to the loyalty and marketing world? Make sure to head over to the full article on the Crowny website!

About Crowny

Crowny connects and rewards users for engaging with their favourite brands, ensuring brands reach the right target audience, while protecting usersโ€™ privacy.

Users receive relevant content and offers based on their preferences, allowing them to earn $CRWNY and loyalty points.

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