Web3Auth and Development Progress

Web3 authentication is a login tool. Web2 websites use email in combination with a password, Web3 apps utilize users’ crypto addresses. However, cryptography that ensures the safety of blockchain networks and users is a lot more complex. Each account combines a secret private key and a public key, which is also the account address.

Users routinely forget their passwords, lose access to their sign-on email address, and ask friends or family members to help them guess answers to their password reset questions. Web3Auth is a model of threshold key management that solves the trilemma without sacrificing user experience while retaining end-user autonomy and security.

Combining Crowny Accounts with Web3Auth strengthens the process that no user in the future will lose access to their valuable Cryptos just because they forgot or misplaced their private keys.

Curious to read more on how Crowny will use Web3Auth and what progress we’ve recently made with the app and portal?

Make sure to head over to the full article on the Crowny website!



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