Why Raydium


Before launching Crowny as an ERC20 token, we made clear that we would be migrating from Ethereum to Solana eventually. Even the grant we received from Serum was given to us knowing that we would start on Ethereum and migrate at a later stage. At that time, it simply was the better choice to make if you wanted to start a company. The Solana ecosystem was growing (and still is) and new launchpads were just emerging, but Ethereum was more accessible, and therefore, more viable to start building a strong community. We also knew that it was just a matter of time before the Solana ecosystem grew to be one of the strongest and biggest communities out there. Raydium was amongst the most promising projects on Solana during that time and has become the leading AMM and DEX on Solana. Now, almost eight months later, we find ourselves working together with a company that has turned into one of the top decentralized exchanges in the crypto industry.

Curious what Raydium is exactly, why it is the right choice for Crowny and what you can do with $CRWNY on Raydium? We’ll give you one hint, it involves juicy farming APR’s..

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Receive rewards for engaging with offers you like, from brands you love!

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