Why Solana is the perfect partner for Crowny

Crowny will be migrating to the Solana blockchain. There are a lot of advantages for Solana native tokens. In order to understand the decision-making regarding this migration, context is needed. We will happily provide you with an elaboration on why we have decided to partner up with this great technology platform. To describe the upcoming migration in the best way possible, understanding the concept of Solana is crucial.

In the full article we will be discussing the following topics:

  • What is Solana exactly?
  • How does Solana work?
  • What does the Solana ecosystem offer Crowny?
  • What is Solana’s edge over competitors?
  • What is Solana’s effect on the Crowny family?

Make sure to head over to the full article on the Crowny website!

About Crowny

Crowny connects and rewards users for engaging with their favourite brands, ensuring brands reach the right target audience while protecting users’ privacy.

Users receive relevant content and offers based on their preferences, allowing them to earn $CRWNY and loyalty points.

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Receive rewards for engaging with offers you like, from brands you love!

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Receive rewards for engaging with offers you like, from brands you love!

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